Metatron believes that the design of every fund must be simple and must reflect the personality of the manager. Each of our portfolio managers have their own convictions, which they reflect into their fund’s profile. In Metatron they have freedom to realize them and responsibly implement their investment process, which is endlessly repeated and forever improving.

Metatron Global Macro Fund

The objective of the fund is to achieve long-term absolute returns over a cash benchmark 1Y Eurlibor (Libor) + 4% p.a. The manager seeks to achieve return through a combination of capital protection and “home runs”.

The manager allocates capital and risk for the client, based on manager’s discretion.

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Metatron Short Equity Fund (MSE)

Fund’s objective is to achieve substantial capital appreciation through fundamentally driven, value oriented investing in listed financial instruments including shares, ETFs, options, futures, fixed income and foreign exchange instruments.

Portfolio manager makes investments based on fundament.

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Metatron Long-Term Equity Fund

The objective of the fund is to achieve capital appreciation through long-term investment into the shares of quality companies.

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